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Flushing Unit

The flushing unit has an all-stainlesssteel frame and instrumentation.

The main flushing pump is a CAT Triplex Pump that delivers approximately 34 liters per minute. The unit has a working pressure of 3000 Psi but has a maximum working pressure of 5000 Psi. The unit has a frequency inverter and flow meter and has 18 outlets and 18 inlets back to tank, so the unit is very efficient at flushing multiple lines and/or umbilicals.
The unit can operate with water-based fluids and petroleum-based oils.

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About Us

X-ELEV is a relatively new company in the market but we have a professional capacity within the Drilling and Subsea world for over 25 years. We listen, train and develop products and services that meet the demands of our customers, always striving for safety, quality and punctuality.

Our Focus

We are a Brazilian company focused on rental of Drilling equipment, Drill String accessories, Flushing / Test units and we also have a load test unit for Drilling Elevators with a capacity of 500 Tons.

flushing unit
about us

Elevator Load Test Unit

The Elevator Load Test Unit have a capacity to test Elevators up to 500 Tons, the software for the payload can be visualized in Short Tons, Metric Tons, Pounds and the pressure being applied to each piston. 

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Variable Bore Ram Blocks, 18-3/4" 15K 'T' & 'TL'

BOP, 3-1/2" TO 5-1/2"

PN 2163170-03

SN 4504042720-3-2

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+55 (22) 99869-7997

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